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Ana de Armas Shows Off a Major Sparkling Ring While Reuniting with Ben Affleck


Ana de Armas Shows Off a Major Sparkling Ring While Reuniting with Ben Affleck

Is that … an engagement ring?!

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s romance continues to blossom. After first meeting on set of their film, Deep Water, the couple spent much of quarantine together, getting out for dog walks and double dates with Matt Damon and his wife. Then, after spending the last few weeks apart, the two reunited in New Orleans for reshoots on their forthcoming movie.

Photographed engaging in some serious PDA on a balcony, the pair looked elated to be in one another’s company again. But the unabashed affection wasn’t the most eye-opening part. While Affleck couldn’t stop smiling, de Armas was pictured gazing at a huge piece of sparkly hardware on her left hand.

Before fans get too excited, however, E! News reported, “The actress was spotted wearing the same exact prop ring last year, just before things turned romantic between her and Ben.” Still, we can dream that Affleck and de Armas might just take their relationship to the next level sometime soon.

An eyewitness source for E! News said, “Ben seemed ecstatic to see Ana again after he hadn’t been with her for a few weeks. They were so happy to be around each other and couldn’t keep their hands off one another.”

The source also revealed that they “weren’t shy about PDA and didn’t stop kissing. … While they were waiting for the shot to be set up, they were kissing nonstop. They hung out together the entire time and never left each other’s sides. … They were sweet together and clearly missed each other a lot.”