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Jordan Alexander’s Uniform in the Gossip Girl Reboot Exudes New York City Cool Girl


Jordan Alexander’s Uniform in the Gossip Girl Reboot Exudes New York City Cool Girl

She’s putting the boot in reboot.

Reboots, especially those evolved from series that inspire such cultish and fervent fan bases as Gossip Girl does, tend to set their new casts up for failure simply by proxy of unfair comparisons. “It’ll never be like the original,” cry the naysayers and cynics, determined to kill subsequent installments before they even get their footing. “Why even bother?”

No, the forthcoming Gossip Girl reboot, which will premiere next year on HBO Max,already looks vastly different from the original CW teen drama. Farewell to the prep and headbands of Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe, and the boho chic and fringes of Serena van der Woodsen’s closet. In their place, a new kind of style icon (much more representative of the fashion scene in the age of Instagram and Depop) is being erected—and her boots cost less than $250.

Jordan Alexander, one of the new leading ladies of the next chapter, was captured in paparazzi photos on set wearing a fresh take on the Upper East Side uniform: black biker shorts, a pinstriped button-down, a loose navy tie, a red Fendi baguette bag, gold jewelry, and—the kicker—white knee-high leather boots by Schutz.

In particular, the leather boots (with their kitten heels, pointed toes, and croc-embossed cowhide) give a modern edge to the show’s memorably classic aesthetic. Though we perhaps can’t really imagine B and S walking around in them, the boots exude magnetism for those types of New York City cool girls seen at Fashion Week or at the top of our Instagram Explore pages (because who else would have the kind of confidence to pair statement heels with biker shorts?). Only time will tell where they plan to take us.