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Emily Ratajkowski Takes a “Midriff Floss” Bikini To the Beach

Emily Ratajkowski Takes a “Midriff Floss” Bikini To the Beach

Another day, another midriff floss moment, this time brought to you by Emily Ratajkowski. Earlier this week the model-actress-businesswoman went to the beach, in an outfit perfect for Instagram and promoting her label Inamorata. Emrata opted for a pair low-slung sweatpants from her latest collection, a black incarnation that features the label’s signature “Figure” illustration as the jersey stripe. Of course, the crowning jewel moment here was Ratajkowski’s next-level bikini, a “flosskini” if you will, that featured straps wrapped around her torso. 

Midriff floss is just one of the noughties trends to resurface as of recently. Typically, the strings are attached to the band of pants and criss-cross across the stomach for a sultry effect. It was beloved by faces synonymous with the ’00s, such as Lucy Liu and Christina Aguilera. In current times, it appeared in the collections of Christopher Esber and Supriya Lele, and eventually on  megawatt stars like Bella Hadid. As for Ratajkowski’s bikini version? Well, a lot of midriff floss goes a long way, and can easily transform a simple black bikini into quite the statement piece.