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Emily Ratajkowski Wears the Smartest Tote of Summer


Emily Ratajkowski Wears the Smartest Tote of Summer

This morning, a masked and bucket hat-wearing Emily Ratajkowski stepped out for her daily walk in downtown New York City where she walked her beautiful dog, Colombo. For the occasion, Ratajkowski opted for pieces from her own label Inamorata, which included a short-sleeve camp shirt titled “El Camino” and matching shorts that both came in a leopard spot and chain link print. EmRata has long proved to be a stellar businesswoman and is very much her own spokeswoman for the brand: She has always made it a point to wear Inamorata designs in paparazzi photos and on her own page. More power to her. But the most eye-catching piece of the outfit was the bag.

Turns out it’s by another Ratajkowski-beloved brand, Online Ceramics. The model-actress-designer has long worn the funky, psychedelic garb from the Deadhead-inspired label. Back in November she sported a blue hoodie with the groove-tastic font spelling out “Online Ceramics” and a few months later in January, she opted for another tie-dyed piece of OC garb. This time, along with her Inamorata get-up, she donned a sold-out Online Ceramics tote bag that showed off the portraits of contemporary and classic six authors from contemporary to classic, including R.L. Stine, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Shel Silverstein.

The tote is on brand for Ratajkowski, who has a well-documented love of reading. She has a highlighted Instagram story that is solely dedicated to screenshotted passages and covers, which includes the likes of author Camille Pagila, Hilton Als, and plenty of passages from the New Yorker. Just this past week she noted in an Instagram post that her favorite novel of the year was Normal People by Sally Rooney and reviewed the show version on Hulu’s Instagram. No word yet though if she is a fan of the books by the horror novelist Stine who she repped on her tote bag.