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Emily Ratajkowski Takes Comfort Dressing to a Whole New Level

Emily Ratajkowski Takes Comfort Dressing to a Whole New Level

Social media challenges are taking over Instagram and TikTok, and fashion-based ones are starting to gain momentum, too. The latest trend is the #pillowchallenge, where users fashion large pillows into dresses, with the help of a belt tied around the waist. Others use duvets or blankets as faux-ballgowns. Even though model Emily Ratajkowski didn’t specifically take part, we like to think the model was paying homage to the trend with her latest work-from-home fit that totally matches her bed.

It makes sense that Ratajkowski would lean into the plushy vibe of her comforter: WFH style is all about comfort, after all. Sure, you may have to look presentable for the occasional Zoom meeting, but on the whole, a cozy sweatsuit gets the job done while doing your job—so might as well channel the inviting feel of your bed into what you wear, too. That’s not to say her sweats aren’t refined: her minimal rolled-up Noah tee with classic sweatpants felt surprisingly chic (just be careful when sipping your morning coffee). To take it to the next level, try pairing tasteful sweats like Ratajkowski’s with an elegant hair scarf or statement earring—you’ll then be the best-dressed attendee in the Zoom chat, even while in PJs.

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