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Brad Pitt Is “Blissfully Naive” of the Public’s Obsession Over Him and Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt Is “Blissfully Naive” of the Public’s Obsession Over Him and Jennifer Aniston

Pitt continues to play coy regarding recent award show run-ins with his ex-wife.

  • Brad Pitt tells Entertainment Tonight that he is “blissfully naive” of the media circus surrounding his award season run-ins with his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Aniston.
  • Pitt has poked fun at his personal life during multiple acceptance speeches during recent award ceremonies, including even at one point joking he had a Tinder account.

Brad Pitt is hilariously unaware of the of the world’s ongoing obsession between his and Jennifer Aniston’s every move.

The actor, who is cleaning up this award season for his role of Cliff Booth in Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood, told Entertainment Tonight that he’s purposely staying far away from reading into any public reactions regarding him and his ex-wife.

“I don’t know. I’m blissfully naïve and I’m gonna stay that way,” Pitt told Entertainment Tonight.

Though Brad continues to play coy when it comes to the emotional ongoings between him and Aniston—they both adamantly express they’re solely supportive friends and nothing more—the actor hasn’t shied away from poking fun at his personal life during his acceptance speeches this awards show season.

During his winning speech at the SAG Awards for Best Supporting Actor, Pitt motioned towards his trophy and joked, “I got to add this to my Tinder profile.”

The veteran actor did clarify to Extra however, that he doesn’t actually have a Tinder account. “No, I’m not on it,” Pitt toldthe outlet at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. “I’m not even sure how it works. I just thought it was funny to say.”