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Brad Pitt Turned Down Keanu Reeves’ Role in The Matrix

Brad Pitt Turned Down Keanu Reeves’ Role in The Matrix

Picturing Brad in a long black trench coat right about now.

  • Brad Pitt has confirmed that he was approached to play Neo in The Matrix.
  • The role was made famous by Keanu Reeves, who will reprise the character in forthcoming sequel, The Matrix 4.
  • Despite being offered the part, Pitt revealed, “I really believe it was never mine.”

Brad Pitt is opening up about some of the famous movie parts he’s turned down throughout his career. And, as it turns out, we could’ve seen Pitt clad in a long black trench coat, and moving in slow motion thanks to bullet time, if he’d taken one particular role: Neo in The Matrix.

According to Yahoo! News, Pitt revealed the tidbit at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where he received the Maltin Modern Master Award. Pitt was asked about famous movie roles he’d turned down and apparently explained:

“I’ll give you one, only one, because I really believe it was never mine. It’s not mine. It’s someone else’s and they go and make it. I really do believe in that. I really do. But I did pass on The Matrix. I took the red pill.”

Pitt also said, “That’s the only one I’m naming… I wasn’t offered two or three. Only the first [The Matrix]. Just to clarify that.”

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor also went on to joke, “If we were doing a show on the great movies I’ve passed on, we would need two nights.”

In some ways, Pitt’s revelation isn’t all that surprising. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told The Wrap in 2019, “We went out to so many people I don’t remember. We were getting desperate… We went to Sandy Bullock and said, ‘We’ll change Neo to a girl.'”