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Bella Hadid Shares Rare New Photo of Sister Gigi’s Baby, Khai


Bella Hadid Shares Rare New Photo of Sister Gigi’s Baby, Khai

Just a little quality time between aunt and niece.

This weekend, Bella Hadid shared a fun photo dump of what she’s been up to this season—and among the miscellaneous selfies and pictures of food and street shots, there was a sweet new photo of baby Khai, her sister Gigi Hadid’s only child.

Gigi shares Khai with ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik and does her best to keep the baby’s identity hidden on social media.

In the photo posted by Bella, Khai is seen kneeling in front of the grizzly bear exhibit at what looks like the Museum of Natural History next to Central Park in New York City. Beside her, Aunt Bella is crouching and pointing at the display.

Khai is wearing tie-dye pants and a tan cardigan, and Bella is in a long khaki coat, sneakers, and a baseball cap. She has a fabric mask partially hanging off her face, revealing a smile as she talks to her niece.

This week, Bella did a photo shoot for Chaos magazine wearing a blonde look that was very Marilyn Monroe, with high pin curls styled by fashion legend Sam McKnight. The images were shot by photographer Nadia Lee Cohen.

Bella has recently been making an effort to share more of her low-key daily life, rather than just her glossy model life. She told Vogue in its April cover story that people’s expectations of her don’t mesh with who she really is.

“The majority of the time when I meet people, they say, I just didn’t think you were going to be nice, that you were going to be this mean, scary dragon lady, or some kind of a sexbot,” she explained. “That’s just not me, and if people have a better understanding of who I am, then I feel less alone within myself.”

Source: ELLE US