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Gigi and Bella Hadid’s Stylist Has a Fashion Collaboration of Her Own

Gigi and Bella Hadid’s Stylist Has a Fashion Collaboration of Her Own

As the stylist behind Bella and Gigi Hadid, Mimi Cuttrell gets a lot of questions. Chief among them: “Where do you find the best jeans?” More often than not, she’s sourcing one-of-a-kind vintage denim for the Hadids (as well as her other clients, including Ariana Grande and Priyanka Chopra), not hitting up a department store. The only place she goes for new denim is Scott Morrison’s label 3×1, located right here in downtown New York. She was drawn to a certain pair of black, side-slit flares, and not only did Bella wear them, but she wore them again and again. They’re now a best-seller for the label—and for Morrison, it sparked the idea to collaborate on more supermodel-worthy styles with Cuttrell.

His Mercer Street store also happens to house 3×1’s little denim factory, so they started from scratch. Throughout a series of meetings, Cuttrell reviewed the label’s enormous stockpile of denim (there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of rolls lining the walls), buttons, pockets, and every tiny detail, then brought in her favorite vintage jeans for inspiration. The resulting capsule, which launches today, essentially includes every jean a modern woman needs right now: There’s a sexy, skintight black flare inspired by Bella’s original jean, but with an extra-snug fit around the knees (an area Cuttrell tends to tailor). The faded blue and black “dad jeans” in the collection were quite literally named after Cuttrell’s dad, Kirk, and have a relaxed, but not-too-oversized fit. (She noted that it’s particularly difficult to find black jeans that aren’t stretchy and have the right vintage-inspired, lived-in wash.) The Diana jean, meanwhile, a loose straight-leg in pale blue, gets its name from Cuttrell’s mother, “but it also nods to Princess Diana, since those references [to her style] have been coming up so much,” she adds. They’re also extra-long, which is good news for tall women like Cuttrell or anyone who wants to style their jeans with stilettos or boots. “I’m wearing them right now with Uggs,” she says with a laugh. “I think I’ll wear them straight onto my flight tonight like this. I like when they bunch up or fold over at the bottom.”

It isn’t hard to imagine Bella wearing the Diana jean in a similar way: “I always have my clients in the back of my mind,” Cuttrell says. “I’m thinking about what they lean towards, what we pull that gets worn, how they wear them on their days off.” She’s also attuned to what they don’t want to wear, and knows precisely what’s missing in the market. The square-neck tanks are an upgrade from Cuttrell’s usual Hanes, for instance, with double-lined cotton and stitching up the sides “to give a little lift, so you don’t have to wear a bra,” she explains.

Another fit you won’t find anywhere else: The Willow jean, which features cut-outs along the hips and three “strings” connecting the waistband. They’re a wildcard in a collection of easy, oversized jeans—and have the Hadids’ names all over them. “I had to have one piece that was a little out there!” Cuttrell says. “I’d wear them with a bodysuit underneath or a crewneck sweater. You don’t want to go overboard with a really sexy top.” It for sure won’t be long before her supermodel clients get a leg up on the daring off-duty look.