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Gigi and Bella Hadid Do Slick Holiday Hair Two Ways

Gigi and Bella Hadid Do Slick Holiday Hair Two Ways

With holiday parties filling agendas over the next two weeks, it’s natural to find yourself searching for a beauty look that’s memorable without being too precious, as December weather is blustery at best. The ultimate approach to event-ready hair that can also survive the stroll from transportation to door? A super-sleek style that stays in place in spite of the elements. For two easy yet aspirational examples, look to the sisters Hadid, who last night arrived at a party in Brooklyn in coordinated updos.

First came Gigi, who continued to demonstrate her commitment to the elevated scrunchie, winding an emerald green iteration around a mid-level knot combed back tautly at the crown. And because commitment is easy once a favored look is discovered, Bella’s updo centered on sleek execution, a pinned-up appeal, and a ‘90s-inspired strand left loose to fall across her forehead. Flawless complexions and idiosyncratic accessories finished the respective looks, which seemed primed for re-creation, particularly as the winter solstice approaches. When in doubt, just tie it back.