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Mary-Kate and Ashley Do Birthday Messages the Olsen Way

Mary-Kate and Ashley Do Birthday Messages the Olsen Way

The Olsens are a little like mythical creatures. A unicorn or a centaur, perhaps; or even the (now-missing) radiant Mandarin duck of Central Park. We rarely see them, and it’s even rarer we hear them. So, when we spot The Row designers on social media, it becomes the viral equivalent of seeing all those aforementioned animals out in the wild. And today, it happened once again: The twins ventured into the world of Instagram to wish an unlikely friend a very happy birthday—the actor Ashley Benson, girlfriend of Cara Delevingne—who turned 30. Benson posted the video to her own account with the caption: “Dreams do come true.” In the clip, the sisters begin wishing Benson a happy birthday in unison, before drifting into their own forms of celebratory salutations. “Happy Birthday, Ashley,” they begin. “I hope this year is one of the best ones yet. We are sending you lots of love.” No sooner does Mary-Kate chime in solo—“So magical, and can’t wait to meet you soon!”—before Ashley kisses the camera, and they offer a shared goodbye.

Sure, there are plenty of questions that remain. Have the Olsens and Benson even met yet? Did Delevingne request this for Benson as a present? Do the Olsens participate in the Cameo app, in which celebrities greet people for a fee? More importantly, how many pieces of The Row does Benson own? I, myself, am unsure. But what we can gather from the clip is that this was perhaps the most Olsen way to say “happy birthday.”

For one, the designers sported their signature sunglasses. (Mary Kate—the Olsen towards the front of the camera—is wearing their brand The Row’s collaboration with Oliver Peoples; the style, titled “Hightree Titanium Oval Sunglasses,” currently sell for $585.) The two are also dressed in all black, which has been their tried-and-true choice of color over the years. Ashley, in oversized aviators, is wearing a black shawl embroidered with red thread, while Mary Kate wears a tailored black woolen coat. Another signature? At the end, post-camera kiss, Ashley finger waves while clutching a takeaway coffee—perhaps the ultimate Olsen accessory. It’s both peak Olsen, and peak understated—whispering its chicness in the quietest possible tones. In other words, the video was a reason for all of us to celebrate: whether it’s our birthday, or not.

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Dreams do come true

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