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Halle Berry, 54, Just Shared Three of Her Favorite Arm-Toning Exercises on Instagram


Halle Berry, 54, Just Shared Three of Her Favorite Arm-Toning Exercises on Instagram

Her rock-hard abs made a guest appearance, too.

Halle Berry and her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, are celebrating the beginning of the weekend with a workout designed “to wake up the biceps, triceps, and shoulders.” The actress, 54, posted a series of Instagram Stories demonstrating three exercises she does to tone her arms using wrist weights.

“Happy #FitnessFriday y’all! Today’s workout is up in ARMS,” the John Wick star wrote in an Instagram post promoting her workout videos. “@peterleethomas and I will show you 3 quick exercises to wake up those biceps, triceps and shoulders using @respin’s very own #WristWeights. Check stories now for killer moves that you can tag on to just about any workout and give those arms a little wake up call! Happy Friday ❤️️️.”

Not only do her arms look super-toned in the clips posted to her Instagram Stories, but so do her abs peeking out from a color-blocked crop top. Clearly, these exercises are working for her.

First, Halle and her trainer do shoulder circles, where they stand with legs spaced apart and arms held parallel to the floor. Then, they use their shoulders and triceps to rotate their arms in tiny circles, forwards and backwards.

Next, they do flys, where they bend their knees slightly and press their ankles together, and move their arms up and out, then bring them back to their chests, similar to pulling cables on a weight machine.

The third move is touchdown plyo squats (also known as touchdown jump squats or touchdown squat jumps). Here, Halle and Peter move into a squat, touching the ground with their hands, and then, leading with their arms, move from a squat into a jump, reaching for the sky.

And that, folks, is what it takes to get Halle Berry-level arms.

Source: Women’s Health US