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See Every Photo from the Queen’s Birthday Celebration at Windsor Castle


See Every Photo from the Queen’s Birthday Celebration at Windsor Castle

Trooping the Colour 2020 was canceled, but Queen Elizabeth attended a socially distanced parade in her honor.

Trooping the Colour 2020 was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, to celebrate the queen’s official birthday, a smaller ceremony took place at Windsor Castle on Saturday. Queen Elizabeth was in very good spirits throughout the occasion, as she watched the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards carry out military drills in her honor. Here, we round up the best moments from Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday 2020.

The queen arrives for the ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth has been spending lockdown at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip. In May, The Sunday Times reported that the queen “will remain at Windsor Castle indefinitely,” and that it could be some time before the monarch returns to her official duties amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The queen is accompanied to the viewing platform.

Per Hello!, Queen Elizabeth wore “a muted jade outfit by Stewart Parvin” for the occasion. The publication also noted that Her Majesty wore her Welsh Guards brooch for the ceremony, and a floral dress.

Queen Elizabeth looks happy and healthy.

The monarch looked delighted as she arrived at the birthday ceremony. Despite the cancelation of this year’s Trooping the Colour, Queen Elizabeth seemed to enjoy watching a special parade by the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards.

The queen inspects members of The Welsh Guards.

Queen Elizabeth wore a stunning coat by Stewart Parvin for her birthday celebration. She accessorized the look with a matching hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan, per Hello!.

Queen Elizabeth smiles during the parade.

The monarch’s first appearance since lockdown began was a joyous occasion.

The queen surveys Windsor Castle and The Welsh Guards.

Her Majesty watched the proceedings from a podium outside of her Windsor residence.

The military drills looked spectacular.

The 1st Battalion Welsh Guards carried out a special ceremony in honor of the queen’s official birthday in 2020.

Windsor Castle was a grand setting.

Despite the cancelation of one of the royal family’s most prestigious annual events, Windsor Castle was the perfect setting for the queen’s small birthday celebration.

The queen practiced social distancing.

Queen Elizabeth sat on a podium to watch the military drills, and The Welsh Guards remained socially distanced from one another.

Queen Elizabeth watches the ceremony.

The queen’s actual birthday is on 21 April, but it has become tradition that the British monarch has a second birthday every year, which takes place on the second Saturday of June.

A member of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards takes part in the celebration.

The Welsh Guards carried out an incredible display in spite of social distancing measures.

The queen looked overjoyed as the celebration came to an end.

It seemed as though Queen Elizabeth was incredibly happy with the special ceremony held in her honor at Windsor Castle in place of Trooping the Colour.