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Baby Archie Now Has a Book Club Courtesy of Oprah Winfrey


Baby Archie Now Has a Book Club Courtesy of Oprah Winfrey

A new video of the royal one-year-old reveals his special present from the media mogul.

  • Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan shared an adorable video of Meghan reading to baby Archie Mountbatten-Windsor in honor of his first birthday today.
  • In the shared clip, the selected book, Duck! Rabbit!, has a sticker that reads, “Archie’s Book Club,” on the front cover.
  • The book—along with many others—was a gift from Oprah Winfrey, who attended the Sussexes’ wedding back in 2018.

Baby Archie is already quite the literary scholar.

Today, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were part of a new video featuring their young son in honor of his first birthday. The social media post, which showcases Meghan reading the children’s book Duck! Rabbit! to Archie, was shared as a part of Save the Children’s #SaveWithStories, an ongoing campaign that features celebrities reading classic stories to raise money for children currently affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video, you’ll see Meghan reading to her giggly baby, but look closer and you’ll spot a clue that Archie is the budding bookworm we think he is. When Meghan introduces the selected story, there’s a subtle sticker on the book cover that reads, “Archie’s Book Club.”

The book was one of many gifted from none other than Oprah Winfrey. According to, Winfrey revealed that she gave Archie a large collection of books as a “welcome to the world” gift last year.

“Honey, I have a standard gift that I do for people that I really care about. I don’t know the baby’s name or the baby’s gender, but this baby will have enough books to last a lifetime!” she previously told Access Hollywood.

Per the outlet, Winfrey also gifted the daughter of her Wrinkle in Time costar Mindy Kaling a full library of books, also with a personal inscription reading, “Katherine’s Book Club” on each cover.

Here’s to hoping that soon enough, Archie, Katherine, and a slew of other celebrity babies will soon all hang out together at their Oprah-approved book club meet-ups.