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Prince Harry and Meghan Did Not Ask Royals for Their Input Ahead of Series Premiere


Prince Harry and Meghan Did Not Ask Royals for Their Input Ahead of Series Premiere

Kate and William were not approached for comment, a royal source says.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s highly anticipated docuseries, Harry & Meghan, premiered this morning, and the royal family apparently has some thoughts.

A royal insider tells that despite the disclaimer at the start of the series—which claims, “Members of the Royal Family declined to comment on the content within this series”—neither Buckingham Palace, nor Kensington Palace (nor any member of the royal family) was approached for comment on the content of the show. They are not aware of any such approach for comment.

A Netflix source insists communications offices for King Charles III and Prince William were contacted in advance and given the right to reply to claims within the series.

In the docuseries, Harry and Meghan touch on some of the issues they faced while working together as senior royals. They explain that it was a mix of the racism and violence from the media, and the lack of empathy from the royal family itself, that led them to step down from their roles and pursue a more “normal” life in America.

Though Harry has not addressed his allegedly fractured relationship with his brother, Prince William, and Meghan’s allegedly icy relationship with Catherine, Princess of Wales, the Duchess of Sussex does say in the show that she was surprised at how formal Kate and William are even in private—as if the facades they put on for the public have carried over into their actual permanent personalities.

Earlier this week, prior to the series’ release, a royal source told that Kate and William will not be watching Harry & Meghan at this time, but aides, and potentially lawyers, will be keeping a very close eye on the content of each episode.