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The Decade in Fashion—According to the People Who Made It

The Decade in Fashion—According to the People Who Made It

Fashion has changed immeasurably from 2010 to 2019. As an industry and as a community, we have questioned everything from the validity of the show system to the purpose of retail, to the very nature of garments themselves. Some years it felt like every season was starting anew, with droves of creative directors coming and going; more recently it has seemed like every week was a new beginning—or ending—in the fashion world, with brands, stores, and ideas sprouting up on social media as brick-and-mortar spaces we thought would exist forever closed their doors.

The tendency in such an uneven time of change is to rely on cold, hard data to dictate the moments that matter. While crunching the numbers certainly has its place, Vogue Runway is remembering the decade through the memories of people who made it. Here, in our visual scrapbook of the past 10 years, 15 of fashion’s most influential people—the ones who shaped the look and feel of the 2010s—reflect on their best moments. The picture painted is one of evolution, friendship, family, and, yes, even a little fame. The next 10 years are looking pretty bright.

Dries Van Noten

“For me bringing back the smiles and women of all different generations to the catwalk defines this decade. This picture we made after our 100 show in Paris, it was a celebration of 100 shows with an incredible mix of beautiful women that had walked our shows in the past.”

Guido Palau

“I don’t know if this picture [from Valentino Couture Fall 2018] defines a decade, but it’s certainly one of my favorite hairdos of the last 10 years. Although it’s not a new hairstyle, somehow in this photo it feels modern and startling.”

Michel Gaubert

“This picture was taken in Dallas for the Chanel Métier d’Arts show in December 2013. It was for the projection of a film directed by Karl Lagerfeld in a drive-in set-up where every guest was seated in a vintage car. It is a representation of the trend of Pre-Fall and resort shows being held in faraway places initiated by Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel.”

Victoria Beckham

“Building my brand has been my passion over the past ten years — exciting, challenging, rewarding, and fun in equal measure. Here I am wearing the Juergen Teller image of me putting Victoria into Victoria Beckham. This really encapsulates the decade for me!”

Julien Dossena

“It was my first Met gala with Michelle Monaghan, and we were hanging in the bathroom, and suddenly everyone was taking that mirror picture. It sums up for me the importance that social media and digital media took on in the industry in the last couple of years or so. A new way of depicting fashion, making it pop again. We laughed so much seeing our two faces in the back.”

Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I decided I was going to start Pyer Moss at the end of 2012. At that point, I was unemployed living in Jamaica, Queens. I had been traveling, making music, starting eBay stores… I was doing things that seemed like a ‘realistic’ means to an end at the time because I didn’t think it would be possible to get back into fashion after such a long hiatus. My friend Anthony Hendrickson sat with me and taught me Illustrator, which I found easier than my analog drawings that took forever. This was Day 2 of my obsession with Illustrator. By the end of that month, every inch of my alcove studio apartment was covered in CADS, fabric swatches, and ideas.”

Kate and Laura Mulleavy

“We took this photo of our costume display for our first feature film, Woodshock, starring Kirsten Dunst, at the Arclight in Hollywood. We wrote and directed the film. The film was an amazing culmination of narrative and design growth for us, and it opened us up to a new part of our creativity. Kirsten is family and sharing that with her will always be in our fondest of memories.”

Michael Kors

“It has been the decade of social media, travel, and the rise of the selfie generation. I took this selfie of my husband and me in South Africa. Who would have ever dreamed that we would be able to self record every moment at any time, anywhere?”

Tyler Mitchell

“Jaden is arguably one of the biggest symbols of our current time. I’m happy I got to take this picture of him in 2014 at such a specific moment in the decade. He is one of the first and most visible emblems of Black American royalty in the age of the internet. I feel like I grew up with him. There’s freedom and room for him to try things and to fail. As a black kid growing up middle class in the South, I needed a reminder that I could do the same. And I just love the guy; he’s super sweet.”

Marine Serre

“The 10 last years have been so much of passion, pain, pleasure, changes, passion, pain, pleasure, love…”

Alexander Wang

“Making People magazine’s hottest male section was a true highlight. Just thankful I wasn’t mistaken for a topless woman on the beach!”

Matthew Williams

“This picture [of the Spring 2020 Alyx show] represents what I have been working towards the past 10 years.”

Simone Rocha

“This decade has been how long I have been working on my collections, and this is a fitting photo in my studio for Spring/Summer 18. It’s been blood, sweat, tears, and beauty. The honesty in this photo feels like the last decade to me.”

Humberto Leon

“This was taken the day after our last Kenzo show in Paris on the Seine where lovers leave a lock. This was the end of an amazing journey for two friends from college who met as suburban teenagers and just wanted to have fun, who had the opportunity to take over the helm of Paris’s one and only Asian-founded fashion house. We have spent the decade bringing every nuance of what we created at our own brand to a storied house, and we have built a new legacy for Kenzo. This is something we will always be proud of, and we will always look to using our platform to help the underrepresented. We never wasted an opportunity and always did it while having the most fun ever—this silly photo proves it.”

Carol Lim

“For me, the 2010s represents a decade of immense transition. From celebrating 10 years of Opening Ceremony, being appointed creative directors of Kenzo, losing my older brother, and becoming a mother—all of these events have shaped me in a way that has changed how I want to be in the world. The events in this decade, both personal and political, have made me realize that everything happening around me is personal, and I want to do my part. Do my part to be a better person and to care. The core of who I am comes from my family and my relationship to Humberto. This photo represents our love of travel and family and our philosophy of always finding pleasure even while working! And also…if you can include family, why not?”