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Beyoncé Offers a Lesson in Full-Fledged Holiday Beauty

Beyoncé Offers a Lesson in Full-Fledged Holiday Beauty

It’s official: We’ve entered peak holiday season. If you’re in need of proof of this fact—aside from your unending roster of social commitments—one glance at Beyoncé latest Instagram post is all of the evidence you’ll need. The pop star graced the platform yesterday with a slideshow showcasing an event-ready look replete with an embellished, skin-skimming gown, elbow-length gloves, and a team of classically glamorous beauty notes made stronger by their assembly.

First came a face adorned in frosty shimmer, a pressing of glittering gold eyeshadow paired with a pink-glossed lip glassy enough to steal surrounding shine. But the real feature of the frame was her Old Hollywood blowout, brushed up and left to fall in a cascade of soft waves down her back. A slightly darker shade of bronde and a stylized finger wave at the temple made the moment a memorable one, while a slew of gem-bedecked baubles took things to a level worthy of Beyoncé. The takeaway? There’s no need to be coy when it comes to going glam. It’s the last lap of the decade! Make like Beyoncé and pull out all the stops.