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Katy Perry Is Still the Queen of Camp


Katy Perry Is Still the Queen of Camp

In the opening number of Katy Perry’s new Las Vegas residency, Play, the singer descends from the ceiling while a giant hand pinches her by the bow on the back of her sequined coat. She looks like a Barbie doll plucked by one of those mechanical-arm arcade games. Once placed onto a gigantic bed, she proceeds to sing her 2010 hit, “E.T.” It’s pure camp!

This is just one of the many outlandish moments in her new show (which premiered December 29). For fans of the singer, it’s no surprise. Of course Perry’s got glitzy, over-the-top fashions to go with each and every song.

To craft all of her kitschy ensembles, Perry worked with a few talents who know all about impactful stage style. Zaldy, RuPaul’s longtime collaborator, created Perry’s opening number coat, as well as a crystal dress embellished with beer cans and a red vinyl bodysuit with chaps, complete with a marching mushroom headpiece. Another highlight? The scalloped, pink and white striped babydoll dress he designed for her “Dark Horse” performance, which she rocks on top of a gargantuan wooden horse.

Perry also enlisted the design vision of Johnny Wujek, a costume designer and light work artist, to craft the look for her “Teenage Dream” performance. He went for more of a showgirl vibe via a slinky, bedazzled gown in shades of yellow, gold, and silver. It’s reminiscent of something Cher would have worn on her variety show (there’s even a feather boa, naturally). The one-of-a-kind-frock—and her gloves, earrings, and microphone—are completely covered in crystals, studded by none other than Disco Daddy, a master bedazzler to the stars.

Perry’s playful, tongue-in-cheek approach to dressing really makes the show for us. More than a decade into her impressive career, she’s clearly still a reigning queen of camp. Plus, it’s appropriate, given her residency is in Vegas. What did you expect her to wear, an LBD?

Below, more of the best ensembles from Perry’s new residency.