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Artist and Environmentalist, Natalia Kapchuk Launches First Solo Exhibition “The Lost Planet”


Artist and Environmentalist, Natalia Kapchuk Launches First Solo Exhibition “The Lost Planet”

From 15th-27th October 2021 at Unit X, London the immersive art exhibition will showcase over thirty pieces of works complemented by visual art, sound and unique projections. Comprised of large-scale installations, as well as, a conceptual animated video, this exhibition is sure to leave an emotional impact on the viewers, invoking an important message regarding the status and future of our precious planet.

Natalia Kapchuk

In the latest project titled The Lost Planet, Natalia Kapchuk highlights crucial issues such as ecological damage and the immeasurable amounts of plastic waste that litter the world’s ocean. To contrast naturally resourced and industrial materials, the artist utilizes mediums such as tree bark, sand, stones, and fermented moss with polymers, resi-crete, gilding, metal chips and plastic. Implementing varying techniques, Kapchuk also creates works using up-cycled plastics collected from various places around the world during her travels. While pushing her own artistic approach working with fiberglass and LED lighting, she continues to explore mediums in the frame of one theme to develop narratives in her signature style.

The Lost Planet exhibition is staged in close collaboration with leading environmental charities Plastic Oceans Europe, and Earthwatch Europe. A panel discussion with experts from Plastic Oceans Europe, Earthwatch Europe and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) will be staged during the exhibition entitled: Is this Planet Earth’s Dying Century? These organisations unite in bringing awareness to the important issues affecting the environment and the future of planet Earth.

Natalia Kapchuk at art studio (work in progress)

Fundamentally, Natalia Kapchuk’s main points of focus is the beauty of nature and ecological concerns present within the world. With this in mind, the artist uses her art to champion causes that touch us all, bringing attention to the pollution and ills of climate change threatening the world today.

Before creating her works, Kapchuk undergoes extensive research on the topics of global warming, ocean plastic and pollution, and other destructive impacts. As a result, the artist expresses the message that humanity should think more about environmental protections and the conservation of natural resources.

The Lost Planet collection of mixed media artworks emphasizes how the effects of human influence is changing and destroying nature. This can be seen in the works, ‘The Winner Takes it All’‘Priceless Treasure’ and ‘The World is On Fire’, for example. Each piece is at least a metre in diameter, correlating to their impact both as work of art and the message they tell. Divided into two sections and spanning both floors of the gallery, the exhibition is dedicated to the elements highlighting the beauty of nature in differing ecosystems and corners of the world, followed by, the negative impacts mankind places on the planet and its oceans. Natalia Kapchuk believes good art is filled with passion that may change a mindset.

Bubble Hills by Natalia Kapchuk in the interior

“I use my art to draw awareness to the planet’s plight. In The Lost Planet series I tell a story of our planet throughout different angles. From both beautiful perspectives to unwanted ones such as wildfires, coral bleaching and oil spills. I hope it generates naturally produced emotions. My sole aim is to inspire people to think of their actions towards nature, it’s resources and living creatures, to find ways we as humans, corporations, and political governments can contribute to preserve the planet for future generations.”

– Natalia Kapchuk

Priceless Treasure, 2020 by Natalia Kapchuk (Courtesy of the artist)

“Plastic pollution is without doubt one of the major threats to our planet, and thus we need to tackle it through innovate angles. I believe that Arts have the power of touching people’s hearts, and that’s why we’re delighted to be part of Natalia’s exhibition and to help her to create an impact and to inspire many individuals to become change makers.”

– Juan Castaño Vilas, Regional Director, Plastic Ocean Europe, 2021

The World is on Fire, 2019 by Natalia Kapchuk (Courtesy of the artist)

In 2022, selected pieces from The Lost Planet series will be presented at the solo exhibition in the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art – CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

When: 15-27 October, 2021

Where: Unit X, The Stables, 40 Earlham st, London WC2H 9LH

Official website:

Instagram: kapchukart