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Victoria Beckham Trolled David Beckham Over His Questionable Footwear Choice


Victoria Beckham Trolled David Beckham Over His Questionable Footwear Choice

“Gaston wants his boots back.”

  • Victoria Beckham poked fun at husband David Beckham’s fashion choices in a hilarious post on her Instagram Story Sunday.
  • Sharing a photo of David wearing an extremely large pair of brown leather boots, she likened his footwear to that of Beauty and the Beast character Gaston, writing, “Gaston wants his boots back @davidbeckham.”
  • Defending his bold footwear as a “last minute shoe option,” David responded, “Revenge will be sweet @victoriabeckham.”

Victoria and David Beckham aren’t afraid to poke fun at each other every once in a while, making their respective social media accounts extremely enjoyable follows. The latest example: Victoria mocked her husband for his…interesting choice of footwear in a recent family photo, and David quickly vowed to take revenge.

On Sunday, Victoria posted a photo of herself and David wearing poppy pins to mark Remembrance Sunday, the British day of memorial for fallen service members. In the snap, Victoria wears blue jeans and an orange and blue roll-neck sweater, while David wears a white shirt, gray blazer, brown corduroy jeans—and some extremely large, somewhat discordant brown leather boots.

Victoria subsequently reposted a cropped version of the photo on her Instagram Story, likening David’s boots to those worn by Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston. “Gaston wants his boots back @davidbeckham,” she captioned the post.

David was quick to respond—and to explain his choice of footwear. “So my wife decided to post before asking me or cropping my last minute shoe option,” he wrote on his own Instagram Story, reposting Victoria’s comparison photo of himself and Gaston (note: David labeled himself as “GASTON” and the Disney character “ME”.) And he pledged vengeance against his wife, too, writing, “Revenge will be sweet @victoriabeckham.” Very much looking forward to the next development in this marital battle!

Source: Marie Claire US