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Prince Harry Just Hosted a Special Birthday Quiz for the Rugby League


Prince Harry Just Hosted a Special Birthday Quiz for the Rugby League

“It can bring so many families together,” the duke said during a surprise video appearance.

Much of the world might still be in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate special occasions. In honor of Rugby League’s 125th birthday, Prince Harry “hosted a special birthday quiz” for the organization, per a press release, and also “spoke with players, coaches, and volunteers” via video chat.

The Duke of Sussex revealed that he was particularly proud of the way in which the sport continues to draw people together, even during difficult times such as the pandemic. According to a press release, he then proceeded to lead “the group in a just-for-fun ‘set of six’ quiz to help celebrate the sport’s 125th birthday.” We can’t think of a better person to host a birthday quiz, tbh.

Celebrating the Rugby League, Harry said, “It can bring so many families together, bring so many people together… it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the stands, whether you’re the groundsman, whether you’re a player, whether you’re a fan, or whether you’re a first time watcher, every single person is bound by this family feeling.”

Harry’s continued commitment to the organizations, charities, and causes he holds dear was more than evident in the video celebration.