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Lady Gaga Announces Her VMAs Performance in Brilliantly Eccentric Style

Lady Gaga Announces Her VMAs Performance in Brilliantly Eccentric Style

With the release of her sixth album Chromatica in June, Lady Gaga’s triumphant return to dance-pop was matched only by the eye-popping, kaleidoscopic outfits she wore in her music videos and artwork. But alas, due to the current pandemic, various promotional performances and a global tour were postponed indefinitely, denying her fans the chance to jet off to Planet Chromatica in person.

Now, it appears there’s hope on the horizon. Taking to Instagram yesterday, Gaga announced her first live performance in support of the album, as part of the socially-distanced MTV Video Music Awards later this month. The ceremony format has been radically rethought in the age of the pandemic, and will be taking place on August 30 at various outdoor locations across New York City with limited or no audiences. Alongside Gaga’s much-anticipated performance, she is also nominated for nine awards, including Video of the Year for her chart-topping hit “Rain on Me,” featuring Ariana Grande.

Of course, Gaga being Gaga, this was far from your typical concert announcement. Standing on the porch of her home on a sunny morning to the sound of her orchestral track “Chromatica I,” Gaga is filmed drinking coffee in a dressing gown and slippers—and an enormous, anime-inspired headpiece in bright pink. Could it be a teaser of the look she has planned for her performance later this month? Or is this the kind of thing Gaga has lying around her home? Either way, mark your calendars for what’s sure to be an unmissable spectacle.