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Miley Cryus’s Self Quarantine Talk Show Brings Good Vibes and Relatable Style

Miley Cryus’s Self Quarantine Talk Show Brings Good Vibes and Relatable Style

“This may not be how Ellen does it, but it’s how I do it,” Miley Cyrus announced mid-way through the first episode of her new IGTV programBright Minded: Live with Miley. The DeGeneres reference speaks to the traditional talk show formula and its unwritten rules. As the covid-19 crisis has come to a head, many hosts find themselves playing to empty studios or canceling new episodes altogether. Cyrus may be a newbie interviewer, but she’s found a charming way to reinvent a staid format. Each day, the star is broadcasting a new episode on IGTV from her home, connecting fans with her fans and sharing tips on how to make it through a crisis calmly. The focus on good vibes and positive energy is inherently uplifting—who couldn’t use a break from worrying at present?—and the show is an appealing mix of practical tips, celebrity cameos, and relatable style.

Instead of breaking out her vintage Saint Laurent or the latest in vegan designer duds, Cyrus began her hosting stint in Nike sweats and a rainbow beanie from Marc Jacobs. The casual wear skews closer to the real work from home wardrobe than the majority of perfectly coifed selfies we’ve been seeing from influencers and fellow celebrities. “I have not gotten out of these sweatpants for about five days, and I have no plans of doing it any time soon,” admitted Cyrus during the live stream. That commitment to casualness is refreshingly relatable—that said, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the star switch gears and log on wearing Marques’ Almeida pajamas, or an equally cool runway look either.

The real fun of the series—clothing or content-wise—lies in its compelling authenticity. Whether it’s guest Demi Lovato sharing how she found solace in reconnecting with her faith and enjoying long talks with friends or Cyrus opening up about her meditative breathing ritual before concerts, Bright Minded offers insight into how people are staying calm and maintaining connections during a difficult period. In Cyrus’s words, it’s helping others “stay lit in dark times,” a concept everyone can connect to, whether they prefer to be at home in sweats or chilling by their laptop in a ballgown.

Catch Bright Minded: Live with Miley Cyrus, every day at 11:30 PT; 2:30 pm EST