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Matthew McConaughey Made a Soothing Video About Coronavirus Stress

Matthew McConaughey Made a Soothing Video About Coronavirus Stress

In these trying times, each of us is turning to different coping mechanisms to help us make sense of an increasingly uncertain world. Sometimes it’s online donation; sometimes it’s mutual aid; sometimes it’s something simple, like a freshly unpeeled orange or a nice set of sheets, that helps us feel at ease in our homes and our bodies as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe.

Sometimes, coping simply means refreshing Instagram or Twitter to find out what people are talking about. I’m not ashamed to say that Tom Hanks’s Instagram updates are helping to keep me sane throughout all this, and now, I’ve found a new source of inexplicable calm: This incredible video that Matthew McConaughey tweeted on Tuesday, with the mysterious comment “because every red light eventually turns green.” Find out what he means, below:

The severity of the situation doesn’t seem to have put a dent in McConaughey’s, well…McConaughey-ness. He encourages us “not to go to the lowest common denominator and get paranoid,” and notes that “we’re all more dependent on each other than we ever have been” and brings his signature folksy charm to the situation, asking us to “make some lemonade out of this lemon that we’re in the middle of.” (I don’t entirely know what that means in this situation, but I oddly find it soothing anyway.)

Being who he is, McConaughey can’t help dropping in a “Just keep livin’” at the end of the video—it’s the name of his foundation, after all. Don’t you feel perfectly chill? The world may be in turmoil, but I know for sure that tonight I will be making Texas-style cornbread and rewatching Dazed and Confused, in McConaughey’s honor.