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We Are Undeserving of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Adorable London PDA

We Are Undeserving of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Adorable London PDA

Maybe one day our prince will come?

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first public appearance since stepping down as senior members of the royal family on Thursday while attending the 2020 Endeavor Fund Awards.
  • Meghan beamed in a bright blue Victoria Beckham dress for the occasion while she and Prince Harry made a movie star-like entrance into the ceremony.

Some couples become so overly obsessed with one another that their presence becomes a nuisance to anyone around them. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, however, are not one of those couples.

Instead, the Sussexes have provided hope that true love does still exist, and the evidence is in their heartwarmingly authentic—yet subtle—displays of affection showcased at tonight’s Endeavor Fund Awards in London.

The pair’s stunning entrance into the ceremony put romantic comedy movie posters to shame. Duchess Meghan stunned in a bright blue Victoria Beckham pencil dress and sleek Manolo Blahnik stiletto pumps. Prince Harry remained—well, everlastingly prince-like—with his dapper navy suit and matching tie. The Duke of Sussex proved he, too, is a gentleman as he held an umbrella over himself and the duchess while heading into the venue. Because a real man knows that not even a drop of precipitation can risk hitting his wife’s pristine, slicked back ponytail. That is real love, everyone.

Inside the Endeavor Fund Awards, the subtle signs of adoration didn’t stop. The couple were photographed sweetly holding hands while seated during the ceremony, with Harry’s arm resting on Meghan’s lap as the couple attentively listened to a speaker onstage.

Considering that this month marks the final few weeks of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s lives as working senior royals, it’s unclear when we’ll be able to gain such access into the small and subtle romantic nuances between the beloved couple again. But since the Sussexes’ official transition into post-royal life doesn’t officially begin until April 1st, we have 26 more days to soak up all the precious Sussex moments we can.

We know—we’re not ready for it either.