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King Krule Debuts a Grown-Up Look in His New Video

King Krule Debuts a Grown-Up Look in His New Video

London-based singer-songwriter King Krule (aka Archy Marshall) clearly revels in a slouchy, oversize suit. A decade ago, when he first started releasing songs under the moniker Zoo Kid at the tender age of 16, Marshall’s style veered bookish—think boxy blazers with scoop-neck sweaters and plaid shirts. As he’s gotten older, though, Marshall has incorporated more streetwear into his wardrobe. He released a capsule collection of merch with Los Angeles-based brand Babylon LA following the release of his most recent album, The Ooz, a couple years back. But now his wardrobe is taking a sharp turn in his new video for “Alone, Omen 3.”

Marshall appears in a crowd of other people in the new visual, dressed in a functional brown jacket (which is par for the course for indie boys of his sort). But it’s the patterned green scarf that sits on his shoulders that sets the look apart. In the next frame, he’s pictured in a pair rectangular lucite sunglasses which wouldn’t look out of place on the runway. Toward the end of the clip, Marshall is surrounded by mirrors and wearing a powder blue Acne suit, which he has paired with some monogrammed Gucci loafers. Marshall’s sound might not be too dissimilar from his past work, but he’s clearly taking his performance wardrobe to grown-up new heights.