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Cardi B Performing in Nothing But a Bathrobe Is a Big Mood

Cardi B Performing in Nothing But a Bathrobe Is a Big Mood

She ripped her outfit onstage, so she slipped into something more comfortable.

  • Cardi B changed into a white robe in the middle of her set at Bonnaroo music festival after ripping her colorful, skin-tight catsuit onstage.
  • She shrugged off the wardrobe malfunction, telling the audience, “We gonna keep it moving, baby.”

Cardi B is no stranger to revealing outfits, but during her Bonnaroo set on Sunday night, things got a little out of hand: Her skin-tight multicolored catsuit split right at the bottom, causing her to change in the middle of her set.

“I just wanna let y’all know that my outfit rip,” she informed the crowd at the Manchester, TN-based music festival, according to The Tennessean (per People). The 26-year-old rapper left the stage mid-performance, but soon reemerged in a white bathrobe.

Cardi performs in a bathrobe after a wardrobe malfunction.
Cardi B wears a striped and bedazzled catsuit during her Bonnaroo performance.

The quick change didn’t stop Cardi, though. “We gonna keep it moving, baby,” she said, according to Uproxx. “We gonna keep it sexy. I don’t know how in this f*cking robe, but we gonna do it!” This is the energy we plan to channel for the rest of the year.

According to People, the Bronx-bred rapper continued the momentum and performed hits like “I Like It” and “Drip” in her impromptu terrycloth look. She worked the loungewear, even sliding off the sleeves to reveal the nude strapless bra she wore underneath as she continued the performance. (What wardrobe malfunction?)

Cardi B performs in a robe during her Bonnaroo 2019 set.

Cardi, known for keeping it real on social media, went bare (intentionally this time) in an Instagram video after the Billboard Music Awards last month. At the time, she clarified to her followers—while nearly naked—that one of her recent revealing photos didn’t actually show her crotch as some fans had suspected.