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Watch Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber Perform “Rise and Shine” at a Charity Event

Watch Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber Perform “Rise and Shine” at a Charity Event


The surprise viral pop star of 2019, Kylie Jenner, sang her greatest hit, “Rise and Shine,” for philanthropic reasons last night. The young billionaire was at a charity art event with Jaden Smith, Justin Bieber, and Kris Jenner. The Biebs sang acoustic renditions of “Love Yourself,” “Baby,” and “Never Say Never” to the crowd, and that was nice and everything.

But then he covered “Rise and Shine” and got Jenner to come up and sing it too. She was in all white, with her black hair flipped out. It was truly iconic when she took the mic, and the crowd went wild for her. It takes Bieber a full song to get this kind of reaction, just saying:

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Bieber was out last night because the event was a charity art auction he was hosting. The pieces up for auction were curated by him and his wife Hailey Baldwin, and the proceeds will help LIFT Los Angeles and Inner-City Arts.

Jenner and Bieber have been friends for years. In 2015, Jenner spoke to ELLE UK about their friendship. “I’m so close to him because I feel like he’s been through exactly what I’ve been through in a completely different way but very similar,” she told the outlet. “So, he’s just… he just… he gets me, and every time I see him he always sits me down and is like, ‘Are you okay? You’re amazing. You can get through this, just stay true to yourself.’ He helps me a lot.”