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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

An urban fusion of unusual architecture, gastronomy and views; this is certainly an East meets West super city.

Hong Kong is a land of sharp contrasts; feng shui and finance, skyscrapers and temples, beaches and forestry. It has become one of the most fascinating and safest cities in Asia. During your stay you’ll probably eat some of the strangest fusion food you’ve ever tasted, you’ll be dazzled by the stunning harbour and you’ll feel energised by a combination of the urban, the rural and the maritime. Hong Kong is where China and Britain have melded and created something unique. It’s a joy to explore every corner. Vibrant energies inundate the streets 24 hours a day and as you take a walk in the life of a Hongkonger, you’ll feel a rush take over which can be very addictive.

Welcome to the land of curiosity, where you can expect to find surprises every time you turn a corner. There are heaps of incredible sights to see in Hong Kong; from elevated viewpoints where you can see day turn to night, to beaches and aesthetic side streets. This is a city nothing short of majestic and what’s even more impressive is the time frame of just 40 years that it’s taken to transform into the capitalist hub it is today.