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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Sensational national parks hosting an inestimable treasure of biodiversity with fascinating habitats, all in a glorious tropical oasis.

If “go big or go home” is your motto, then it will be almost impossible to find a destination even remotely comparable to Costa Rica, at least in terms of bio-geographical diversity. As the name itself suggests, “rich coast”, this is a luxurious territory abounding in wildlife, out of which 80% is protected. Designated by National Geographic “the most biologically intense place on Earth”, a quarter of this Central American natural paradise is actually a national park (the largest percentage of protected areas in the world). From tropical jungles, luxurious rainforests and active volcanoes to soft beaches on the Caribbean coast, there is so much you can do here that sleep will definitely become an option. Try kayaking, diving, snorkelling, trekking, horse riding or bird watching, even spend a couple of days in the indigenous communities and you’ll never want to get back to the dull grey concrete jungle where you came from.

Everything about Costa Rica is overwhelming, jaw-dropping, incredibly luxurious, breath-taking. For exhilarating ways to explore the jungle that will make your heart skip a beat, if you’ve got the guts for it, jump in a zip-line ride over the scenic dense forests or go river rafting. Home to monkeys, macaws and sloths, lizards and other exotic creatures, it will be like watching a National Geographic documentary live. Water sports are also an inspired idea to have a great time, such as snorkelling, kayaking or river rafting. Go on a horseback adventure on intricate mountain paths, take a day trip to one of the hundreds of volcanoes, both active and dormant, cool down inside a bat-filled cave or watch some sea turtles nesting, there is simply too much to do here for you to waste even one second.