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Famed for its large and populous urban locations, from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia is a beautiful place in more ways than one, with great expanses of unspoiled natural environment, a colourful palette of red outback sands and multi-coloured reefs.

If there’s one thing that draws travellers far and wide to Australia, it has to be its natural wonders, wide open spaces and glorious coastline. It’s the sixth-largest country by land area, so there’s no surprise it’s home to a plethora of wildlife like nowhere else on the planet. Discover kangaroos, crocodiles, wombats, wallabies, platypus, dingoes and so much more. Hit the roads and discover Australia in the best way possible, amongst its plethora of diverse national parks and secluded corners like Birdsville and Cape York. Whether it be the Great Barrier Reef, the iconic Sydney Opera House, The Whitsundays or Byron Bay, or of course the iconic, crescent-shaped Bond Beach, Australia offers many attractions to tick off your bucket list.

Australia is one of those spectacular places where you can package together a highly diverse travel experience; a landscape of multicultural cities, expansive islands, dense green rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, and the rugged national parks and red deserts of the Outback. From the dazzling lights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in New South Wales with panoramic views, to unparalleled sunsets over the rustiness of Uluru in Australia’s Red Centre, you’ll be remembering snapshots of this trip for a long time.