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Emma Stone Returns to the Red Carpet After Welcoming a Baby Girl with Dave McCary


Emma Stone Returns to the Red Carpet After Welcoming a Baby Girl with Dave McCary

She arrived at the premiere of her new movie, Cruella, in a black Louis Vuitton pantsuit.

Emma Stone has returned to the red carpet, postpartum.

Last night, the actress went to the premiere of her upcoming movie, Cruella, wearing a black Louis Vuitton pantsuit and a white pussy bow blouse. She accessorized the look with a vibrant red clutch and a matching red lip.

The major red-carpet event was one of Hollywood’s first since the pandemicandalso Stone’s first since the premiere of Zombieland Double Tap in October of 2019.

Stone welcomed her baby girl in March this year with her husband, Saturday Night Live writer Dave McCary. The couple, who privately married in 2020, are personal about family matters and have yet to disclose the name of their child. They’ve nonetheless been reportedly vocal about their excitement over their firstborn. “[Emma] has always wanted a family and can’t wait to be a mom,” an insider told E!News in January. “She’s felt very lucky that she got to be at home during this period of time and wasn’t working long days on set.”

In 2018, Stone opened up about the ways in which her perspective on having kids has evolved over time. As a teenager, I was like, I’m never getting married, I’m never having kids,” Stone told ELLE. “And then I got older and I was like, I really want to get married, I really want to have kids.”

At the premiere event, Stone shared her excitement about the new project and embodying what is arguably one of Disney’s most iconic villains.”It was fantastic. I really loved it,” Stone told Lilliana Vazquez. “I also loved that she’s kind of embracing her nature, the story of nature versus nurture a little bit.”

She continued, “The duality of those characters was really, really fun. And it made playing Cruella even more fun because she gets to really lean into that and in a way she gets to act as Cruella. … She finally really is that person. There are a lot of really interesting layers to her.”

Cruella is set to hit theaters and Disney+ on May 28.