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2020 Emmys: The Most Awkward, WTF, and Confusing Moments


2020 Emmys: The Most Awkward, WTF, and Confusing Moments

Two words: hazmat tuxedos.

The 2020 Emmys are proof that we’re all just trying our best this year, even Hollywood. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, the 72nd Emmys took on a unique format that resulted in several head-scratching and what-were-they-thinking moments. With Jimmy Kimmel at the helm, the show featured several creative efforts to maintain social distancing, including 130 livestreams from the homes of nominees instead of a live audience. (Kimmel and select presenters still did bits from the Staples Center in LA.) Some moments still managed to be heartwarming (looking at you, Dan Levy), but several other moments didn’t exactly work. Take a look at our list of the most awkward and confusing moments of the award show. Hey, at least it was still entertaining?

1 – The Hazmat Tuxedos

In an effort to safely deliver Emmys to winners, the 2020 Emmys deployed trophy presenters clad in hazmat suits. But this is an award show after all, so the hazmat suits were made to resemble tuxes. It’s a pandemic vibe.

2 – And what happens when you lose the Emmy…

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Ramy Youssef gave fans a peek at how incredibly and equally uncomfortable it is when you lose the Emmy and the hazmat tux guy has to leave.

3 – When Jennifer Aniston Had to Put Out a Fire

During a bit, Emmys’ host Jimmy Kimmel started a fire that presenter and nominee Jennifer Aniston had to help put out—only the fire didn’t want to go out so easily, forcing the duo to battle some unexpectedly large flames.

4 – The Most Extra Hand Sanitizer of All Time

Production turned an Emmy award in a very fancy hand sanitizer dispenser. I don’t not want one.

5 – That Not-OK ICE Joke

After Kimmel lost his Emmy category to John Oliver he joked he’s be calling ICE in the morning. Uh, not cool Jimmy…

6 – The Fake Audience

The 2020 Emmys kicked off with a truly puzzling bang, with production splicing footage of last year’s audience reacting and laughing into Jimmy’s monologue. It left viewers confused for a hot minute that show actually had a real audience in attendance. Kimmel revealed after about 10 minutes that it was all a joke, but it was a strange start nonetheless.

7 – The Alpaca Presenter

Randall Park presented the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series or Movie alongside an alpaca. For no reason. Confusing, but cute.

8 – No Live Audience = No Laughs

Because Kimmel was hosting to an empty room, the majority of his jokes and other bits were followed by deafening silence instead of laughter from the audience.

Source: Marie Claire US