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Janelle Monae Perfects the Embellished Braid at Balmain

Janelle Monae Perfects the Embellished Braid at Balmain

What could be better on the final Friday of fashion month than a beauty moment that is decidedly, ideally extra? That desire was fulfilled today by Janelle Monae, who took to the front row at Balmain’s fall 2020 show in Paris, her mane laden with branded accessories.

Monae’s extended raven hair was combed into a neat side-part and woven into a plait that hung rope-like over one shoulder. And though her spun-metal earrings and trio of pearled bobby pins were eye-catching all on their own, the performer opted to take things to the next level, securing four Balmain barrettes along the waist-grazing length of her braid. The medley of black and white, along with gilded detailing, served as an coordinated addition to Monae’s two-toned ensemble, the infinitely Parisian colorway extending all the way to her noir manicure and pedicure. The City of Light may be commonly associated with a pared-down beauty, but sometimes, more is just more.