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Lady Gaga Releases Her New Single, “Stupid Love”

Lady Gaga Releases Her New Single, “Stupid Love”

The track, which leaked online last month, has finally made its official debut.

  • An unreleased song from Lady Gaga reportedly leaked online in January, sending fans into freak-out mode.
  • A month later, the singer has officially released the track as a new single ahead of her long-awaited sixth album.

UPDATE, 2/28:

Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love” is finally here, ushering in the singer’s newest era of music. Even for fans who already heard the track a month ago when it leaked, it was exciting to finally hear the song, officially, in full. After her 2017 rock and Amerciana-inspired album, Joanne, and her A Star Is Born era, “Stupid Love” reminds us that Gaga is still a master at pop music. It also helps that she worked with hitmaker Max Martin on this single, according to Genius. If this is just the precursor to LG6, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

Listen to “Stupid Love” here and read the lyrics below.

UPDATE, 2/25:

More than a month after the “Stupid Love” audio leaked online, Lady Gaga announced she’ll officially release the track this Friday, February 28, at midnight eastern time. After keeping hush-hush about the single, the superstar is now in full promotion mode with the new release and has even tweeted a photo of a billboard advertising the upcoming hit.

Gaga also used the hashtag “#LG6,” hinting that “Stupid Love” is part of her highly anticipated sixth studio album.

UPDATE, 1/23:

Lady Gaga responded to her alleged single leak with a humorous tweet last night. “can y’all stop,” she wrote, with a stock photo of a masked person listening to music.

Still no update on when “Stupid Love” will actually be released, though.


The return of Gaga is nigh, or so the Internet seems to think after a snippet of an alleged new Lady Gaga song surfaced on social media yesterday. The track, called “Stupid Love,” was quickly removed from viral Twitter posts, but that didn’t stop fans from buzzing about the rumored new single. From various clips, the song seems poised to be another radio hit from the singer—it’s an upbeat cut with big vocals and dance- and electronic-inspired production.

The details about the song’s release remain in the dark though. The singer still hasn’t officially announced that she’s releasing a single, but it’s possible she was going for a surprise release. (After yesterday’s leak, though, it appears she’ll have to go another route.) Some tweeters suggested the track might not even be Gaga’s intended lead single; it might just be one of the songs on her upcoming sixth album. One user even pointed out that Gaga appeared to be listening to “Stupid Love” in the background of a photo she posted in October, which means the song has been ready for months.

Despite the mysterious leaks, what we do know for sure is that Gaga is working on her sixth LP, which follows 2016’s Joanne. She even trolled fans last year with funny tweets about the project, joking that she’s “pregnant” with the album and so focused on it that she hasn’t bathed.

Regardless of whether “Stupid Love” is releasing in a few days or months—or even at all—here’s how Gaga’s Little Monsters are responding to the news.