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Helen Mirren Proves She’s Radiohead’s Biggest Fan

Helen Mirren Proves She’s Radiohead’s Biggest Fan

You can’t pin down Helen Mirren. Hollywood’s favorite dame is continually revealing new sides of herself, and this week in Berlin, she’s been turning heads in statement fashion. Set to be honored with the Berlinale’s prestigious Golden Bear lifetime achievement award, Mirren has dressed the part of acting legend during her time at the festival. Her wardrobe of day dresses has been elegant, but at this morning’s press conference at the Grand Hyatt, she switched things up. Clad in a black studded blazer with Radiohead’s blinkybear band logo decorating the breast pocket Mirren declared herself a super-fan of the British alt-rock band.

The custom piece, which featured the phrase “Karma Police”—the title of the second single from 1997’s OK Computer—stitched onto the back, was a loving tribute to one of rock’s most inventive bands. A step up from the average concert t-shirt, it was a chic way for Mirren to assert her tastes, something she does with surprising regularity. Back in November, she debuted the jacket while previewing step-son Alex Hackford’s work on the video game, Death Stranding.

Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood aren’t the only ones to get a sartorial shout out. Whether she’s sporting a vintage Madonna tee beneath a pastel Stella McCartney, as she did back in October while doing press for Catherine the Great, or wearing a Grateful Dead sweatshirt and leather leggings in Manhattan, Mirren leans into her musical side. While it’s unlikely that the actress will be sharing her curated Spotify playlist anytime soon, the playful way she incorporates her love of music into her wardrobe is charming.