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Dua Lipa’s New Album Artwork Is a Retro-Modern Mash Up

Dua Lipa’s New Album Artwork Is a Retro-Modern Mash Up

This past weekend, Dua Lipa showed up to the 2020 Grammys in a pearly Alexander Wang corset and silk slip skirt, an outfit that felt perfectly in sync with the current corset craze and nostalgia for all things ’90s. Now Lipa is revealing the artwork for her upcoming sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, which also remixes some classic looks.

The cover features Lipa driving a Googie-esque retro vehicle, the kind you could imagine being turned into a booth in the iconic 1950s-themed restaurant scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. With a dark sky and blue moon behind her, Lipa wears a classic, ’50s style pink button-down shirt that she’s fashioned with a knot. The rest of her outfit leans slightly futuristic. She has a regular gold hoop earring in one ear and a wonkily misshapen one in the other. She clutches the steering wheel wearing a pair of long white gloves that have some randomly placed geometric cutouts. If her outfit is any indication of the content of the record itself, Lipa’s poised to add a fresh twist on some classic sounds.