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Adele Goes Glam in a Silky Dress at Her Christmas Party

Adele Goes Glam in a Silky Dress at Her Christmas Party

She posed with both the Grinch and Santa at her festive fête.

  • Adele took to Instagram today to share photos with some iconic Christmas figures from her holiday party.
  • In the flicks, the Grammy Award-winning singer looks glamorous in a ruched, silky black gown and dark lipstick.

She’s a mean one, Ms. Adele. After breaking our hearts with her 2015 album 25, the Grammy Award-winning singer has refused to release new music since then, leaving an Adele-sized gaping hole in our lives. Instead, she has taken to Instagram once again to tease us with snippets of her life (rather than standing in a recording studio) that involve some serious Christmas attire from Santa Claus and the Grinch.

In this post, Adele leans against a costumed Grinch with the photo backdrop of London’s cityscape behind them. In a glamorous ruched gown, dramatic curls, and dark lipstick, she looks positively ready for the holiday season.

“We both tried to ruin Christmas but then both our hearts grew!” the singer wrote in the caption. “Thank you for coming to my party and making us feel like kids Grinch 💚Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone x”

The next photo is tad more cheerful, as it features Adele sticking her tongue out with none other than good ole St. Nick.

If you’re still wondering when Adele is gonna bless the world with another album, don’t worry. She may have a belated Christmas present in store for us. Billboard reports that Adele has already confirmed that she’s “working” on her “25” follow-up. While there’s no set date for any future releases yet, maybe we can all collectively write Santa that what we most want under our Christmas tree is a new heart-wrenching single.