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Miley Cyrus Looks So Different with Short Blonde Hair

Miley Cyrus Looks So Different with Short Blonde Hair

Hairstylist Sally Hershberger described the singer’s new look as “a modern mullet.”

  • Miley Cyrus debuted a brand-new hairstyle on Instagram.
  • Over the weekend, Miley celebrated her 27th birthday, which included getting a makeshift haircut from her mom, Tish Cyrus.
  • The singer appears to have gotten a cut and color by stylist Sally Hershberger to fix the original messy trim.

Miley Cyrus regularly switches up her image, so it’s unsurprising that the singer debuted a new haircut following her 27th birthday.

She appears to have gone much blonder and shorter after her mother, Tish Cyrus, cut her hair over her birthday weekend. Miley documented the original trim on Instagram, and though she seemed excited about the mini makeover, the trim wasn’t entirely straight. So she turned to an expert.

Miley shared a photo of her new-new hairstyle, a lob with feathering framing her face, in her Instagram Stories, revealing the overhaul to her once-lengthy tresses.

Hairstylist Sally Hershberger was responsible for the singer’s new do; the stylist also shared a pic of her work on Instagram.

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Of the hair transformation, Hershberger told E! News, “Miley wanted to go more punk. She wanted something edgy.” She continued, “We went with a modern mullet that she can wear sleek, but also wavy and messy.”

According to the celebrity hairstylist, the chopped style was fairly simple to achieve. Hershberger revealed, “To get the edgy look, I precise-cut her hair with a pair of scissors and then used a razor to add definition.” So now—should you have the nerve—you know how to give yourself a “modern mullet” at home.