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Four Days In Cartagena With the Founders of the Latin American Fashion Summit

Four Days In Cartagena With the Founders of the Latin American Fashion Summit

On Saturday, the second edition of the Latin American Fashion Summit concluded in Cartagena, Colombia, with a designer competition. Maygel Coronel, who makes luxury swimwear, won the $10,000 prize.

The four-day conference and networking event is the brainchild of Estefania Lacayo, a Nicaraguan New Yorker with 17 years of experience in the fashion business, and Samantha Tams, a retail specialist. They launched the project in 2018 to help Latin American creatives and entrepreneurs who had previously had little-to-no access to the industry’s international decision makers. With the promise of panels, workshops, and dinners at home, Lacayo and Tams lured the likes of Carolina Herrera and Francisco Costa, entrepreneur Carmen Busquets, jeweler Ana Khouri, Matches Fashion’s Natalie Kingham, and Colombia’s own rising star Johanna Ortiz to the summit, and 600 attendees participated.

Busquets and Herrera spoke about the Latin American fashion boom and what it takes to make it on the global stage, and Costa joined Vogue Mexico’s Karla Martinez de Salas to discuss his new beauty project Costa Brazil. Lacayo’s personal highlight came during the welcome event. “Everyone went around the room saying hello and at one point 15 children stood up and introduced themselves as students from Honduras who were in attendance thanks to the sponsorship programs we developed with NGOs and private family offices. It’s this type of inclusivity that’s one of our main missions, and to see it come to life was truly special for us.”

Here, Lacayo and Tams share other highlights from the four-day event.