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Who Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Man, Cooke Maroney?

Who Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Man, Cooke Maroney?

Here’s everything you need to know about the actress’s soon-to-be husband—and the couple’s delectable wedding menu.

Jennifer Lawrence is rumored to be finally tying the knot with her fiancé, Cooke Maroney, just over a year after it was first reported that they were dating. But who exactly is her supposed husband? J. Law and her beau have clearly kept their romance on the down-low, but here’s what we know about her mysterious love interest so far.

He works at an NYC art gallery.

New York-based Maroney is a director at Gladstone 64, the Gladstone Gallery’s location in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, set in the Edward Durell Stone House. (Lena Dunham’s dad, Carroll Dunham, has shown his work there.) He also previously worked the Gagosian, another esteemed NYC gallery, according to Page Six TV.

Maroney previously showed off his knowledge of online art-collecting to Artsy in February 2015. “In the art world, the way information is shared is rapidly changing, a growing group of internet-savvy collectors are searching for art online with galleries eager to provide it,” he told the site.

Maroney (left) at a party in Mexico City in 2013.

He’s reportedly an NYU alum.

Us Weekly reported that Maroney went to high school in Vermont and studied art history at New York University. (He clearly went on to put that art degree to good use.)

He and J. Law were first reported to be dating in June 2018.

Page Six TV broke the news in early June that Maroney and Lawrence were dating and they were introduced by her friend, Laura Simpson.

“The relationship has been going on a few weeks,” an insider told the outlet at the time. “But they have been very private and careful not to be seen together.” People later reported the couple started dating in early May 2018.

They’ve made very few public appearances together.

Lawrence and Maroney continued to keep their relationship hush-hush even after their romance was revealed last summer. Aside from rare date sightings in New York, the couple was seen in Paris and then Rome together in August 2018, and they reportedly attended a premiere for The Favourite in late September last year.

Lawrence (far left) and Maroney (far right) dress up for an evening out in September 2018.

He became engaged to the actress early this year.

Page Six first reported the news, stating that Lawrence was reportedly spotted with a “massive ring” during a dinner outing with her man at the NYC French restaurant Raoul’s. “It was a giant rock,” a witness told the outlet. “They seemed like they were celebrating and people were talking about it. The ring was very noticeable. They were sitting back in a corner.”

Lawrence and Maroney out in New York on February 2.

His parents own a farm.

Cosmopolitan did some thorough research and found that Cooke’s parents, James Maroney and Suki Fredericks, own Oliver Hill Farm in Vermont. His dad also used to be an art dealer in NYC, where he and his family lived before relocating to VT in the late ’80s, according to a 2015 Medium feature on the couple.

James Maroney used to split his time between Manhattan and the farm, and Suki and a young Cooke often joined in on the commute until Cooke was in kindergarten, writer Olivia French reveals.

He’s Lawrence’s “best friend.”

Lawrence rarely talks about her beau in public, but on the rare occasion that she does, she doesn’t hide her love for him. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in June this year, she said, “Well, he’s just the best person I’ve ever met in my whole life.” She added that saying yes to Maroney’s proposal “was a very, very easy decision.”

She also opened up during the NAKED with Catt Sadler podcast in June. “I definitely wasn’t at a place where I was like ‘I’m ready to get married.’ I just met Cooke, and I wanted to marry him,” she said. “We wanted to marry each other. We wanted to commit fully. And, you know, he’s my best friend. I feel very honored to become a Maroney.”

They’re set to tie the knot in Rhode Island.

According to TMZ, Maroney and Lawrence’s wedding will take place at a “swanky venue in Rhode Island” this weekend. Having reportedly worked with celebrity wedding planner Mark Seed to plan their nuptials, Maroney and Lawrence are set to serve a delectable menu to guests, which is rumored to include “brussels sprouts with cured egg yolk,” “salt cod beignet,” and “5-week-aged leg of beef with forager’s sauce.” Delicious, I think?

Married or not, they seem to be in love and insanely happy.