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Julia Fox Opens the LaQuan Smith Fall 2022 Fashion Show

Julia Fox Opens the LaQuan Smith Fall 2022 Fashion Show

Fresh off of a break up with Kanye West, the actress and muse hits the runway.

The rumors are wrong.

Julia Fox has not fled to Los Angeles in a fit of fear or sadness or frankly anything. Instead, the actress has stayed exactly where she belongs—in the New York spotlight— with help from designer LaQuan Smith.

Monday evening on Wall Street, the 32-year-old Aquarius stormed the catwalk in a black floor-length dress with a fit like Saran Wrap and fabric slashes just below her heart. Her walk was a force, her gaze was a spell, and the audience? Well, okay, we screamed, because being hot and single on Valentine’s Day just became a new status symbol. As did many of Mr. Smith’s new clothes, if we’re being honest.

After he dressed Hailey Bieber to visit President Macron in Paris, we figured the designer—who began his career assisting celebrity stylist Elizabeth Sulcer—would expand on his cutout knitwear with great success. 1) He did. 2) It almost got upstaged by a series of cropped shearling that nails the warm-but-also-hot proportion we’ve been craving ever since the weather turned polar last week.

As for the ballad of Julia Fox, no doubt it continues in tabloids worldwide. In the meantime, we salute her for being her own dream date, and making the rest of us damn excited for New York fashion, and the women who make it their own.