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Ariana Grande Gives Her Thigh-High Boots a Rest


Ariana Grande Gives Her Thigh-High Boots a Rest

Ariana Grande’s style often revolves around the shoe, and her favorite is famously the thigh-high boot. She wears them with everything from oversized sweatshirts on the streets, to minidresses on the red carpet. It’s just as recognizable as her high ponytail. This weekend, Grande was seen in only one signature piece, as she swapped her signature thigh-highs for a new summer shoe: combat boots.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: combat boots in the dead of July? But this is L.A., where the weather is wonderfully temperate and everyone has a car. It opens up a whole realm of shoe possibilities! On Sunday, Grande was seen heading into a recording studio in Los Angeles — does this mean new music? — wearing her chunky pair of lace-up combat boots, complete with thick soles. They’re a hefty shoe choice that is certainly a switch-up from her sleek thigh-high heels, but she styled them just the right way: with rolled-up denim and a cropped zip-up vest. (She’s been known to try daring footwear, even Crocs.) Grande also carried a monogrammed Fendi backpack — plus a mandatory iced coffee, to energize her for all the great hits she’s going to (hopefully) produce for us.