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Margot Robbie Will Star in a Standalone Pirates of the Caribbean Movie


Margot Robbie Will Star in a Standalone Pirates of the Caribbean Movie

Move over, Jack Sparrow.

  • Margot Robbie is set to star in a new Pirates of the Caribbean film.
  • The actress will work with Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson on the new flick.
  • The movie is being made in addition to the already already-announced Pirates of the Caribbean reboot.

Margot Robbie will star in a brand new Pirates of the Caribbean movie from her Birds of Prey screenwriter.

The actress and producer is set to headline an original movie based upon Disney’s popular franchise. Although details about the new picture are scarce, Robbie will play the film’s female protagonist, and the movie will remain separate from the upcoming reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, “the project, in early development, is not intended to be a spinoff of the long-running franchise that had pirate Jack Sparrow at its center, but rather a wholly original story with new characters under the Pirates moniker, itself inspired by the long-running attraction at Disneyland.”

Disney’s decision to expand the Pirates of the Caribbean universe makes sense given the popularity of the original franchise. Per The Independent, “Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most commercially successful franchises of all time, grossing over $4.5bn across five feature films.”

Hodson’s work as a screenwriter has been garnering more attention in recent years following her successes with Birds of Prey and Bumblebee, and her forthcoming projects, The Flash and Batgirl. She also wrote the Katherine Heigl movie, Unforgettable.