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Marc Jacobs’s Extreme Heels Spark Joy

Marc Jacobs’s Extreme Heels Spark Joy

As the coronavirus outbreak intensifies across the globe, it’s safe to say many of us are currently feeling stressed and uneasy. (Today, the World Health Organization even officially declared it a pandemic.) That being said, the need for a spark of joy is high, and designer Marc Jacobs is using fashion to do so—both for himself, and for his many outfit spectators.

Taking his love for heels to the extreme, Jacobs posted a new fit today that was all about bringing a smile to one’s face in these uneasy times: “Today’s forecast: Sunny with a chance of mass hysteria,” the designer wrote, seemingly acknowledging the public panic surrounding coronavirus at the moment. “At least I’m dressed for spreading some cheer and good will.” He slipped on Rick Owens mega platform boots in a sprightly yellow color, with lucite heels and soles. They are certainly wondrous shoes: they offer a dash of escapism from reality, while reminding one of fashion’s mood-boosting powers, too. He styled the statement footwear with refined pieces from Celine, Prada, Lacoste, and A.P.C., including a double-breasted blazer, jeans, and a silk scarf tied around the neck into a bow.

As a matter of fact, Jacobs has been perfecting the fashion selfie at home all week long. Just this Tuesday, he mixed a graphic sweater with a printed overcoat. (Jacobs loves himself a bold print.) Last week, he also wore a green tee that simply read, “My Own Worst Enemy.” But his attention-grabbing shoes today are perhaps his biggest mic-drop fashion moment yet.