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Lana Del Rey Puts Her Spin on VSCO Girl Style in Her New Video

Lana Del Rey Puts Her Spin on VSCO Girl Style in Her New Video

There’s something uncanny about Lana Del Rey’s sense of style. It’s a perfect representation of Americana, but also distinctly of the now. She’s got flowers in her hair on the cover of her album Lust for Life, and in the video for “Love,” off that very same album, she sings about the youthful nostalgia of the present in a white, long sleeved lace dress that looks like one a young hippie girl would have worn to her Ojai wedding in 1962.

In her recent double video for “Fuck It I Love You,” and “The Greatest,” from her most latest album Norman Fucking Rockwell, Del Rey goes full California girl. At one point, she’s pictured on the television as a reincarnated surfer girl in a 1960s beach party film. And she doubles down on this new California era of her Americana-infused sense of style in her latest 14-minute long short film. The visual for, “Norman Fucking Rockwell,” and other songs from the album (it’s sort of a medley) starts off with Del Rey playing the piano in a classic denim Ralph Lauren polo button down which she pairs with matching skinny jeans. She later moves towards a more athletic aesthetic in black leggings and a simple black tee, singing of “All the ladies of the canyon wearing black to their house parties,” as she meditates on the side of a rocky hillside with some friends, all of whom are dressed exactly like her.

In the final phase of the medley, Del Rey and her friends are dressed in all-white as they lay down on the bed of a pick-up truck and try to catch butterflies. It’s almost like the singer is putting her own twist on VSCO girl style, a young internet subculture that’s arisen from photo editing apps with very distinct outward signals: high rise denim shorts, scrunchies, and confoundingly, Hydro Flask-branded reusable water bottles. In fact you could say that Los Angeles’s most recognizable style tropes are seen through a sepia-toned Instagram filter. No matter how you categorize Del Rey’s sartorial world, her summery wardrobe will surely cure your winter blues.