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This Model Got a Radical Cut Inspired by Jane Fonda for the Marc Jacobs Runway

This Model Got a Radical Cut Inspired by Jane Fonda for the Marc Jacobs Runway

Three days ago, Scarlett Costello was on the set of a photoshoot when she got a call—the call.

“My agent says, “You’re being considered for the Marc Jacobs show and Guido wants to cut your hair—how fast can you get to 72 Spring Street?’” recalled the 21-year-old San Francisco native backstage at tonight’s show, a twinkle in her eye. “I said, ‘Of course. Guido can do whatever the hell he wants to my hair!’”

Within a few hours, Costello’s shoulder-length brunette lengths were sheared into a feathery shag inspired by Jane Fonda’s iconic crop in the 1971 film Klute. “I love that she had this haircut when she got arrested for protesting,” said Costello, referring to Fonda’s mug shot, which was taken just as she finished filming the crime thriller. “It was very radical at the time,” mused Palau. “Jane is a trailblazer in many things, not just her beauty. She gave that look power and made it iconic.”

Jane Fonda in Klute, 1971

In her memoir, My Life So Far, Fonda herself shed light on the “hair epiphany” that catalyzed the look. “Hair had ruled me for many years,” she wrote. “Perhaps I used it to hide behind. The men in my life liked it long and blonde, and I had been a blonde for so long that I didn’t even know what my own color actually was. I simply said to [hairstylist] Paul McGregor, ‘Do something’ and he did.”

A symbol of female liberation at a pivotal time for women’s rights, it just felt right to Costello. “This hair makes me feel powerful,” she said, brushing her freshly cut fringe away from her blue-gray gaze and signature ungroomed unibrow. “Jane is a badass—and who doesn’t want to look like a badass woman?”