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Drunk Taylor Swift Is the Most Relatable Taylor Swift and Twitter Is Here for It

Drunk Taylor Swift Is the Most Relatable Taylor Swift and Twitter Is Here for It

These Drunk Taylor memes will live forever.

  • This weekend, a video of Taylor Swift, dancing and lip syncing to her own music went viral on Twitter.
  • The video, known as “Drunk Taylor” shot to the top of the Twitter trending list and got a great reaction from Taylor fans.
  • Here’s the epic clip, in which Taylor is clearly feeling herself while lip syncing to her single “You Need to Calm Down,” and some of the best Twitter reactions to the eternal glory that is Drunk Taylor.

Taylor Swift’s Lover era is all about living your best life and embracing all of who you are. Nothing has epitomized this phase of the Swiftiverse better than Drunk Taylor.

If you don’t live and breathe internet, a quick explainer: Drunk Taylor refers to a new video making the rounds on the interwebz, in which (an apparently tipsy) Taylor Swift dances and lip syncs to her own music with abandon. In the video, Taylor is clearly feeling herself as she grooves to her hit single, “You Need to Calm Down” and it’s basically the best.

Taylor Swift has never been more relatable than when she’s inebriated and fangirling to herself. It’s a thing, so just embrace it like you’re Taylor Swift vibing on “You Need to Calm Down.”

Here’s the clip, if you haven’t see it yet with your own eyes:

The video, which shows Taylor celebrating “You Need to Calm Down’s” 10 VMA nominations, was an instant hit with Swifties across the great wide internet. Here are some of the best Drunk Taylor tweets, for your LOL-ing pleasure and posterity:

Drunk Taylor has even started to take on a life of her own as a meme, and it’s beautiful and wonderful and I’m personally hoping that Taylor embrace just how perfect her alter meme-go is and posts a collection of her own favorites:

Drunk Taylor forever.