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Louis Vuitton X Celebrates 160 Years of Creative Collaboration

Louis Vuitton X Celebrates 160 Years of Creative Collaboration

A wise man once said, “California knows how to party,” and last night Louis Vuitton hosted one of the coolest parties of the summer in Beverly Hills to honor the unveiling of their new exhibition “Louis Vuitton X.” The team at Louis Vuitton curated what could only be described as the quintessential Los Angeles summer soiree, and the scene was aglow with artists, tastemakers, celebrity stylists, and Hollywood elite. The event honored the brand’s 160 year legacy while celebrating the present. There was a sense of reverence and respect for the heritage of the company, with archive trunks on display and veteran artisans on hand to stitch and create art in real time.

“I love the fact that they are honoring the history and showing us where Louis Vuitton started, and how it all came from the trunk,” said party guest Nina Dobrev. “Seeing the evolution from the trunk to the new bags, it’s really cool how you can see how much has changed and yet how much is the same. I love how they have continued to stay true to the core of the brand, so many years later.”

As guests made their way through the exhibit, they were treated to a well-rounded highlight reel of Louis Vuitton’s collaborations, from the iconic Karl Lagerfeld designed boxing bag, to the futuristic and visionary Zaha Hadid’s sculptural bag, to the #rare Supreme collaboration. Each room offered stunning visuals, some even containing exclusive Instagram filters via QR codes on the wall. There was also a room devoted to the many recent red carpet triumphs of the brand, with iconic looks on display alongside each other in a space that conjured a fitting glamour.

“I am a very big fan of the brand. Some of my very favorite looks I have ever worn have been Louis Vuitton,” said party guest Millie Bobbie Brown, whose look for the evening very much embodied the forward-thinking spirit of the exhibit, down to her architectural-inspired glam.

The display culminated in a cotton candy pink stairway leading to a rainbow rotunda and a buzzing party. Guests sipped on peach-hued palomas and vibrant green matcha, and socialized in a perfectly curated shop featuring the bags of the moment and other sought-after LV items. Guests like Jayden Smith and Orlando Bloom perused the shop’s bookstore, laid out like a collaboration between LV and Wes Anderson (one can dream). The vibe was fun, festive, and definitely made you want to whip out your wallet to get a piece of the wearable art from the new Artycapucines collection. Six leading contemporary artists—Sam Falls, Urs Fischer, Nicholas Hlobo, Alex Israel, Tschabalala Self and Jonas Wood—had done their own take on the Capucines design, and any purchasers immediately found themselves with the ideal goodie bag.