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Gigi Hadid Revives the ’00s Bra Strap Reveal

Gigi Hadid Revives the ’00s Bra Strap Reveal

Today, en route to the Berluti show in Paris, Gigi Hadid stepped out wearing the classic supermodel’s secret weapon: a plain white tank. She wore the classic easy top with a pair of low-slung black pants with a white monogrammed Louis Vuitton patch attached to the belt loop, white sneakers, a gold chain necklace, and tiny square sunglasses. The most noteworthy addition, however, was a black bra with straps that saucily jut out, a styling move straight from the 2000s.

There has been a lot of strap revealing recently. This past week, Gigi’s sister Bella wore a fancy Versace thong on the Spring 2020 menswear runway with low-slung bedazzled pants. And while the thong is certainly having a flossy moment, the exposed bra strap seems like a more accessible alternative that still taps into that good ’ol noughties nostalgia. Avril Lavigne famously wore a white tank with black bra straps showing (and a necktie!) in the 2001 music video “Complicated.” Two years later, at the height of post-Y2K excess, Gwen Stefani sported a similar ensemble (plus a hot pink bra!) in the now-beloved karaoke anthem “Hollaback Girl.” The strap reveal still has some of that cheeky attitude, and when executed confidently, is a chic outfit-maker. Tip: Be deliberate with your bra choice and pick a visibly different color than the tank. This summer, don’t fear the strap—in fact, let it show.